Stronger Together

Thank you for considering training with us!

Please keep in mind that we want to be more than just a place where you have a membership. We feel strongly about fitness and what it can do in your life and we want to help you get the most out of your time with us.

Our Facility

We are a family owned business serving Brevard County since 2010. Our mission is simple: We want to be the best part of your day. Everyday! Our facility is unique in that we work with athletes starting at age 7 up to professional athletes and everyone in between.  We realize our style of training is new to most people and that is why every adult who is considering joining our club is given the option to try our club with our 30 Days for $99 trial membership. We feel we have the best club and training in town but talk is cheap. We want you to come meet our team, meet the other members and give us a chance to earn your business.

Our 30 Day Personal Training Experience includes:

  • Game Plan Session to determine your level of fitness
  • Unlimited Adult Team Training Sessions
  • 2 Small Group Training sessions
  • Use of our MyZone Personal Effort Monitor (CLICK FOR MORE INFO ON MYZONE)
  • Individualized Program Design

Our Promise:  At the end of the experience, if we are not the club for you, simply walk away and you will be under no further obligation. Many people who come through our doors have already made up their mind to join the club through referral or by our reputation in the community, but for those who haven't yet decided, trying before you commit is the best way to get started.

Ready to getting started with our 30 Day PT Experience?  CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE INQUIRY FORM
Once we receive your completed Inquiry Form, our Director of Adult Training with contact you to schedule you for your Game Plan & Assessment Session.

Program Design

Are you struggling to reach your fitness goals? Confused by all of the conflicting information from friends, fitness magazines and trainers? We can help!  Using our 10+ years of experience, an in-depth assessment and your specific goals, we will design a program that will finally help you look good and feel great!  Meet with one of our Performance Coaches every 4-6 weeks to get your individualized training program updated to help you maintain and improve on your progress.

  • Game Plan Session to determine your level of fitness
  • 1 Adult Team Training Session per week
  • Individualized Program Design


Adult Team Training

The unique structure of our groups of 10 to 20 athletes allows you to maximize the benefit of your program and take full advantage of our expert training staff. Each workout is designed to increase your functional strength, reduce injuries, and boost your metabolism. This is THE best fat loss and muscle building workout available!

  • Game Plan Session to determine your level of fitness
  • Unlimited Adult Team Training Sessions
  • MyZone Personal Effort Monitor ($150 value)
  • Private Facebook Member Only Group

Small Group Personal Training

Based on your evaluation, we will design a program for you. During your training sessions, you will meet with one of our certified Performance Coaches in a semi-private (2-4 athletes) format. In this personalized setting, you will be exposed to in-depth instruction while focusing on your specific goals.

Small Group PT (SGT) is perfect for clients with specific goals, injuries and those who do not prefer to work in larger groups. In the higher touch setting of SGT we can begin to program more advanced exercises, which require more hands on coaching. We begin to introduce lower repetition ranges and focus on those with strength goals. Also, we work on corrective strategies to help clients improve their movement restrictions. You can choose from the following options of Small Group Personal Training:

Small Group Performance

  • Includes all benefits of Group Training PLUS:
  • Up to 4 small group training sessions per month

Small Group Elite

  • Includes all the benefits of Performance PLUS:
  • Up to 8 small group training sessions per month


1 v 1 Personal Training

Everything plus the kitchen sink! You will get every tool we have at our disposal to help you reach your goals quickly and safely. Your trainer will design the optimal combination of one-on-one and group sessions to give you the best results while avoiding injury and burn out.  This also includes our 12 month Online Nutrition Coaching Platform PN ProCoach.  

1v1 Performance

  • Includes all the benefits of Small Group and Large Group Team Training
  • Up to 4 1v1 personal training sessions per month
  • MyZone Personal Effort Monitor 

1v1 Elite

  • Includes all the benefits of Small Group and Large Group Team Training
  • Up to 8 1v1 personal training sessions per month
  • MyZone Personal Effort Monitor

Adult Team Training Schedule

Monday: 6am  9am  5pm  6pm

Tuesday: 8am  9am  6pm  7pm  

Wednesday: 6am 9am  5pm  6pm  

Thursday: 8am  9am  6pm

Friday: 6am  9am  5pm  6pm

Saturday: 8am 


Adult Small Group Schedule

Monday: 6pm

Wednesday: 7pm