Bill Segall


Mandy Vazquez


Karen Riffee


Daniel Elliott


Amie Mocere


Wendy Vess


Meet Bill! 
If you've already met him, no introduction is needed because after meeting him one time you will NEVER forget him! His sense of humor should be marketed as part of our 6am class experience!  That is when you hear lots of, "BILL!!" From his FITFAM who is trying to do plank holds without laughing at his jokes!

Bill started coming to Parisi when he signed up to do a 6 week challenge and he never left!  His success is more than just being the official Parisi comedian; he has a list of medication he has been able to toss in the trash as a result of his healthy changes! He has gained strength and tons of energy, to which his wife kindly thanks us with an eye roll!  Bill even completed his first 5k with us at the young age of 64!

Bill is as consistent as it gets! But not just with his own workouts but also as a dedicated member of our FITFAM who is part of every event and charity Parisi takes part in!  Bill was quick to sign up with our coaches to shave his head for childhood cancer, attend our Travis Strong event to raise money for our Buddy battling leukemia and participate in our fundraiser to raise money for Nana's House!  He is an encourager; a motivator and our FITFAM would not be the same without him!



Mandy is the original Challenger! She has been training with us for about two years. Mandy is our team cheerleader, competitor and has the mental toughness of a drill sergeant! 

When you walk through the door on day one she's most likely to be the first person to greet you and want to know your name.  She is known for being incredibly strong both inside and out! For a good time you will find her doing planks with her beautiful daughter on her back, running through mud, jumping over fire or lifting up a teammate!  It is very common to hear one of our FITFAM members says, "Mandy inspires and encourages me!"

Workouts are just different when she is here!  On theme nights she takes it to the next level!  She holds the record for best Ace Ventura and Karate Kid costume! Mandy, thank you for being a part of our FITFAM!  We can't imagine this place without you. Parisi is not a building, it's a family and you have helped make it that way!







Karen is simply incredible!  She's a working Mom with kids that are heavily involved in sports and has every reason in the world to say, "I'm too busy!"
But that's not her style!

She plans, prepares and often times comes running through the doors of Parisi to get a class in before she has to run and get the kids.
Her dedication has paid off! She is down over 30 pounds and says she's never giving up! And it all began with a Challenge!

 Karen, thank you for all of your hard work!  Thank you for trusting us and thank you for being such an advocate for Parisi. We think you're awesome and we love that you are part of our FITFAM!










Daniel's incredible journey started before he walked through the doors of Parisi. He had achieved amazing goals and came to Parisi for our New Year Challenge in 2015.  From the moment he walked through the door we had a feeling he would win it!  He had a look of determination in his eyes... (He says that's how he smiles) In just six weeks Daniel lost upwards of 30 pounds and was the overall winner of that challenge!

Daniel's testimony includes this achievement along with a list of medications he was able to STOP taking as a result of his healthy decisions.
He is the perfect example of PERSISTENCE!  It's been a year and a half and Daniel is still at it!  We see him at least 3 times a week! What started as a 6-week challenge has become a lifestyle! Daniel is such an important piece of our FITFAM!  He is the perfect dose of fun and sarcasm, and he motivates us on the days when..."We just can't" Because even when we tell him the workout and he gives us "that look" he never says no. He always pushes through.

 He has been here cheering on all the Challenge winners who preceded him and we think we speak for everyone when we say, he is part of the reason we love being here! Daniel is the epitome of dedication, commitment, strength and encouragement!


Amie has been training at Parisi for about two years! Or as she would say, "muscling through".

Amie is an extremely hard working Mama. Amie gets in Parisi and works so hard because she has a sweet little guy named Jackson at home who is watching his Mom build up her strength for the both of them. We've been there when Jackson's eyes are watching his Mommy crush her pushups and we've always been so impressed with the way Amie is building Jackson's view on what a strong woman really is. Whether it be lifting her son, lifting weights or uplifting those around her

Amie is an incredible person. BECAUSE her son IS her top priority, she takes the time to be away from him and invest in her own health. 





Wendy is another member of the Parisi FITFAM! This past year we have been with her through her journey of making her dreams a reality, through her health and fitness and overall life development! 

Not only is Wendy an amazing mother, and new grandmother, but this year she earned her college degree, all while making her health and fitness a priority! She has had an incredible transformation, but before you size up all of those inches she has lost... Check out the difference in that smile on her face!!!
When we asked Wendy if we could share her success her answer was, "YES!!! I'm so happy and I want to inspire others!"

Wendy. You are such an inspiration. Thank you for being a member of our FITFAM!