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Come join us at Parisi XPC for a fitness experience like no other!  People ask us lots of questions like:  What exactly Parisi Adult Training?  Do you have to be in shape to workout here?  Is it like CrossFit?  Will I be judged by others?  First things first...this is what we are NOT!

  • We are not CrossFit
  • We are not Orange Theory
  • We are not a Boot Camp with generic workouts
  • We are not a gym you walk into and log miles and miles on cardio machines 

We ARE a performance training facility that cares for our clients and provide them with all the tools to reach and exceed their goals! We work with clients from every walk of life and every fitness level.  We build our clients strength from the inside out!

Adult Team Training Session Times

Monday: 6am  9am  5pm  6pm

Tuesday: 8am  9am  6pm  

Wednesday: 6am 9am  5pm  6pm  

Thursday: 8am  9am  6pm

Friday: 6am  9am  5pm  6pm

Saturday: 8am 

  • We are a community
  • Our coaches and other clients cheer on and support each other
  • We provide results driven workout programs
  • We do not judge, but celebrate even the little successes of everyone
  • We work really hard and have FUN doing it
  • We have a team of coaches who stay connected with you throughout your journey






To take advantage of this special invitation, fill out the form below.  We look forward to meeting and working with you!

*This 2 week offer is valid from October 23, 2017 to November 6, 2017. You must attend your first session no later than November 6th.  Your 2 weeks begin after you attend your first session, and consists of unlimited team training sessions for 2 consecutive weeks.

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