Starting Monday, July 10th, Parisi Speed School will begin our 4 week partner challenge!

Parisi has become famous for our Challenges.  We are known for results, building strong bonds with one another and having the best time of our lives while working hard! 

This next 4 week challenge will be a PARTNER Challenge!   It can be Husband/Wife, Couples, Best Friends, Co Workers… Just find someone to pair up with and team together to CRUSH your goals!

 Not only will you be working together as partners, muscling through some incredible and fun workouts, being held accountable… In this Challenge you will also receive Access to join in with our weekly run/walking group, Nutrition Guideline, Daily Individual Accountability and the ability to virtually track your own before & after photos and results!

Over the course of 4 weeks you will have access to unlimited Adult Team Training sessions .  Even though you are paired up in partners, if your schedules do not coordinate you do not have to attend sessions together.  Rather, your results are the only thing partnered together!

The Dynamic Duo that wins this challenge will be determined by highest Weight Loss % + Points earned during sessions.

Points can be earned through Physical Challenges and Mental Challenges


During these 4 weeks you will be given tools such as:

  • Access to Unlimited Adult Team Training sessions (limit 1 session per day)
  • Nutritional education and recipes to help guide you to make healthier food choices
  • Regularly scheduled weigh ins and measurements tracked
  • Access to our online workout and exercise library
  • Private Facebook support & motivation group

What will be expected of you?

  • A positive attitude and encouraging spirit
  • The willingness to trust and follow the advice of our coaching staff

Price: $139 per person  Dates: July 10th - August 5th.

What can I win?!

  • The Dynamic Duo that win will be awarded 1 month Unlimited Team Training package, Prize Pack loaded with goodies, and free entry into our Next Challenge!
  • At our Challenge Finale we will have lots of additional prizes and giveaways for all participants.